Attic Insulation Replacement

Now that your attic and is cleaned, decontaminated, and sealed, it is time for insulation replacement. Insulation replacement is often necessary because over the years, either rodents make themselves at home in your attic, or there is water damage due to weather conditions, or after a number of years it simply wears out. As a result, you will need the insulation removed. You can trust Attic Proof, Inc. to remove and replace your insulation with the highest quality materials while providing impeccable service. Attic insulation is removed by cutting the twine, removing slats or wood laths, or removing the tension wires which were holding the insulation in place, pulling down any remaining insulation, bagging it, and then removing it from the attic your home or building. The materials are taken to a transfer station immediately.


Blown/Blow-In Insulation–This type is a loose fill fiberglass insulation used as an alternative to traditional rolled or blanket materials. We recommend this type of insulation for hard to reach attics and wall cavities.

Rolled Fiberglass Insulation– Roll insulation is best for covering long unobstructed areas and can be cut to fit any size attic or crawl space. It is typically available in faced and unfaced material. For a more comfortable installation with less itch and dust, Attic Proof Inc. offers a poly-encapsulated insulation; wrapped in plastic. The plastic facing also serves as a vapor barrier.

Batt insulation -Are large pieces of insulation that hold together because they’re made of long, interweaving fibers with adhesive binders. Two kinds offered: fiberglass and cotton.

Blanket Insulation – Is a continuous roll of insulation that comes in several styles from fiberglass to rock wool. We will recommend the style that provides enough R-Value for your region and fits within your budget. It can be easily cut and handled.