Rodent Damage

Infectious diseases are caused by rodent waste. Rodents carry viruses that can cause the Bubonic Plague, Salmonella, and also Rat-Bite Fever, a virus carried by insects that have bitten infected rats. If you find waste in your attic or crawl space it is not something you can simply clean and go on with your day. By the time you discover the droppings you may also have found significant damage to items that are stored, electrical wires, or gnawed insulation.

After one of our experts successfully repairs the damage, we will personalize a pest control maintenance plan for you. You can rest easy knowing you will be completely pest free. The majority of materials we handle have a caution label which means the toxicity levels are minimal. Attic Proof Inc’s conventional maintenance service includes a treatment around the house, including windows, doors, roof eaves, walkways and the perimeter of the yard. We also clean any spider webs and remove any wasp nests during each service.

We offer services for all general pests.


• Ants
• Spiders
• Roaches
• Scorpions
• Earwigs
• Fleas
• Ticks
• Silverfish

Flying Insects

• Wasps
• Yellow Jackets
• Carpenter Bees
• Bees
• Beehive Removal

Rodents & Reptiles

• Gophers
• Ground Squirrels
• Meadow Mice
• Moles
• Rats
• Squirrels
• Raccoons
• Opossum
• Skunks
• Snakes
• Frogs
• Lizards


• Live Animal Trapping
• Dead Animal Removal